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Passport To America


Passport to America

Multi-Cultural Workshops for Schools and the Community explores the role music plays in the lives of various cultures and how they created instruments and music. The performance includes  various musical styles through the sounds of Vibes/ Piano/ Electric Steel Drum, Flute, Sax, Bass and Percussion is incorporated with the workshop. Active audience participation is encouraged throughout the workshop and performance. Students learn how to create musical instruments via recycling materials found at home and create basic musical compositions utilizing Math, Nature Sounds, Vocalese.

Students that play realtime instruments are encouraged to bring their instruments to the workshop and follow-up concert.

The Multi-Cultural Concert Performance

features Billy Wooten

The Vida Bole Afro-Cuban

World Music Ensemble

Instrumentation:Vibes/ Piano/ Steel Drum, Flute/Sax, Bass,3 Latin Percussionists, Trombone, Baritone Sax, Trumpet and Vocals


Level 1: K-6   Emphasis on Homemade Instruments

Level 2: 7-12 Emphasis on Real Time Instruments

Level 3: College

For all Students that perform, Emphasis on Improvisation and Arranging

Afro Cuban Latin Jazz Workshop 1

 Basic introduction to performance techniques for beginning to  intermediate players.  Emphasis on the important aspects of the Afro Cuban Latin Jazz ensemble performance includes:






The class also provides training in the fundamentals of Afro Cuban music with emphasis on the skills essential to playing in  rhythm and horn ensembles. Students learn to compose and apply basic:


Piano/Guitar Vamps

Bass Lines

Horn Parts

Rhythm Parts


In this comprehensive hands on course, students will expand their knowledge and appreciation of contributions made by the Afro Cuban Latino Ethnic Groups to Western Music.

Billy Wooten, P.O. Box 88195, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

 Email: bilpen@sbcglobal.net